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Having a low sex drive can deny you happiness and also kill your ego. This mostly happens when you have no desire or interest in sex. It can break your relationship very fast. Low sex drive might even result in one partner cheating because they are not getting satisfaction or the attention they need.

One can even go to the extent of going to seek satisfaction from somewhere else, and this is one primary cause of most relationship split-ups. Your self-esteem will also be affected by such a condition. Knowing that you can’t get intimate with your partner when needed will kill your confidence.

Low sex drive can arise as a result of different things. One of them is low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone found in male responsible for muscle growth, sperm production and increase in bone mass. A reduction in testosterone levels also means your sex drive will also go down.

Testosterone levels usually go down when one is aging. Using various types of medication can also lower your sex drive. They can preventimproved sex drive ejaculation and even erections. Depression will reduce your sex drive to a certain extent. It will bring about the lack of interest in different activities even sex. You should work on improving your sex drive to light that sparkle in your relationship and get a confidence boost. Here is how you can boost your sex drive.

Medical Checkup

One thing you can do to boost your sex drive is consulting a doctor for some advice or maybe treatment. Once you notice different body changes related to your libido or sex drive, then you should visit your doctor immediately. The good thing about such visits is that your condition will be examined and different treatments offered. Make sure you visit a doctor if you experience low sex drive.

Try Foreplay

You should also make good use of foreplay before getting to sex. These are the stimulating sexual activities that usually happen before intercourse. Trying some of these foreplay activities will help raise your sex drive. Take time with your partner don’t go to sex immediately. Kissing and caressing will spark your desire both physically and emotionally.

Healthy Eating

Eating certain types of food will also help increase your sex drive. Vitamins are said to be the best for such a situation. Fruits like bananas andsatisfying sex avocados will help boost your libido significantly. They have the right nutrients that will help enhance blood flow to your genitals. Herbs like garlic will also help increase your drive. Remember to add them to your food.